Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ten Things You Should Know About Witches

Picture this:  three witches cackling over a black cauldron as they stir their magic brew at midnight under a full moon.  Frightening yet fascinating characters, witches have long roused our curiosity and awakened our interest. Yet, there are some things that even good witches may not want you to know.  So here are a list of ‘witch facts’ that might come in handy one dark and dismal night.  After all, you can never be too careful, now can you? 

--To stop a witch from flying down your chimney, place a horseshoe in it.
--Watch where you spit; a witch might take or saliva and use it for evildoings.

--If you burn an elder tree, you are inviting a witch into your home.
--Witches’ cakes are made with rye, barley, herbs, water and a cup of baby’s urine so once you’ve burned the elder tree don’t ask her to bring the dessert.

--Witches can super-size the power of their spells by shaking their hair.
--Any witch will tell you that the best magic wands are made from hazel wood.  (The rest just don’t measure up.)
--Witches can’t shed tears so don’t let ‘em fool you when they pretend to cry.
--Witches raise storms at sea by catching spiders in pots.
--Witches’ brooms are not jet-propelled.  If she intends to fly, a witch must first rub on flying ointment before hopping on her broom.
--And finally, but most important of all—to protect yourself against the evil eye, bad luck and illness, spit in your right shoe every morning.

Consider yourself warned and now well-prepared for Halloween!  Happy Hauntings!