Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Greetings and Welcome!

Cyberspace can be a scary place—especially for folks who are old enough to remember the ‘good old days’.  Yes, I’m talking about the boys and girls who grew up wishing they were part of Howdy Doody’s Peanut Gallery while bee-bopping with Chuck Berry and the Everly Brothers—that would be Don and Phil, in case you weren’t there.  As we cheered for The Little Rascals despite their He-Man Women Haters Club, who knew that one day we would be hunched over a small electronic screen looking for friends and trying to tweet? 

For the younger group, all of this uploading and downloading seems to come natural.  The kids can stream a video, find an app and burn a disc faster than Scotty could beam up Captain Kirk.  As for me, ‘lost in space’ has taken on a whole new meaning.  A technically challenged boomer, it’s all very bewildering, but I’m getting there one byte at a time.  

Over the years and as a writer, I have learned about the power of the internet.  With the press of a button or click of an icon, I can pitch a story, research a topic, contact a colleague or simply waste a little time surfing or bejeweling.  It’s also a great way to connect with readers, which is why I have finally joined the 21st Century and staked out a claim to my very own website.  So here we are!

My goal here is to blend a little history, a touch of trivia and a lot of fun.  Pick an era.  Pick a place.  Pick a person.   We can talk about silent film, Gable and Lombard, Ozzie and Harriet or even The Lone Ranger.  The possibilities are endless so I hope that you enjoy these pages as we get to know each other a little better.  Now who out there remembers waking up little Susie?